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{I should write something here}

11 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Beth S. Elliott Says:

    Yes, you should

  2. Ryan Says:

    Hey, I saw your post from October in bay12forums about Tacoma D&D — are you still looking for players? I’ve never played before, but have played prepackaged knockoffs like Heroscape. Still fun, but I’d like to play the real thing.

  3. 1d30 Says:

    Sure, Ryan. I don’t know if you’ll get this reply, but if you do just go ahead and PM me on the bay12games forum and I can give you my email there. I can’t figure out if you have a WordPress blog or what 😛

    It’s not exactly D&D, but it’s close. If you picked up a D&D book after playing my version, you’d probably think “oh, that’s familiar”. If you want a little preview you can check out my blog posts about “Game XYZ” and the session notes are in here too. You don’t really need to read that stuff if you don’t want to though.

    I haven’t updated the session notes in a while, about 10 sessions, but we’re still playing. Hope to hear from you!

  4. Castor y Pollux Says:

    I read a comment you posted on a blog about worse GMs ever.
    You suggested that DMs should be able to do 4 things (running some specific kinds of games) before earning the DM boy scout badge.

    I think your idea is really interesting. Did you write something here on your blog? did you read it somewhere? are you going to write a serious piece on that soon?


  5. 1d30 Says:

    I’m not sure I remember. I’d say my opinion on the matter now would be that DMs should try to do new things, branch out, stretch their skills into areas they’re not comfortable with. I’ll try to hunt down that post later. I do comment more on other blogs than I post here 😛

  6. Lum Says:

    Hi, if you’re interested in gaming and willing to make the drive up from Tacoma I’m getting together an group for a no-commitment open table and or drop-in game in Seattle:
    Seattle Old School DnD Open Table

  7. 1d30 Says:

    Thanks for the invite Lum, but right now I’m running a Sat night game in Kent and playing in a Fri night game in Auburn.

  8. N Argent Says:

    Dude! Was luvin’ on the blog, came up when looking at old stuff on WLD and then noticed your Dwarf Fortress alignment breakdown. My GF just got me to download that game. But while just browsing I saw your mention of Game Matrix. So random to find someone from Puget Sound while just looking on maps.
    Always love to get to know a gamer, especially an organized DM like you. Love to pick your brain (which you pour out for us) and perhaps come up to see your game.
    Stay Awesome. thanks for this resource.

    • 1d30 Says:

      Hey, thanks for your comments! We were playing at the Game Matrix for a year or two, but moved the game to my apartment when I moved to Kent. Game Matrix really was a great spot but we’re just a bit too far to validate the commute every week ;P I’m working on a module that I believe may be interesting for DF players, so I hope you keep in touch!

  9. N Argent Says:

    I moved to Enumclaw for a bit and half of my players moved to OR, so I run on roll20. I actually need a tutorial on DF so I can make better use of it.
    Keep rollin’

  10. Levi Says:

    I would like to talk to you about using one of your articles in a rule system. Can we talk?

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