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TCC Gaming Club

October 8, 2010

I was going to start a tabletop roleplaying club at Tacmoa Community College, but found out there’s already a “Gaming Club” which is focused more on trading card games and video games right now. They don’t have anything like a regular D&D game. But I’ll just join their club rather than start another one. I don’t want to duplicate effort and the member populations would probably overlap a bit.

One of the rules for the student clubs is that every event must be open to the entire student body. We could institute rules regarding who gets to actually play rather than just attend, but it follows the spirit of the rules to encourage everyone to play. This means the player base for any game will probably fluctuate wildly session to session.

A West Marches style campaign setting would work great for this. We may even be able to do shared-world stuff if we get organized enough. But to start with, I have a little campaign setting called Quarmall which I’ve been itching to dust off and work on. We’ll see how it goes. Still doing the Game Matrix thing, still gathering new players for that.