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I’m having a problem with Blogger

January 20, 2012

These apply only to Blogger blogs; I don’t have these problems with other blog sites and I have these problems with almost every Blogger blog I try to visit. This has come up only in the past few days.

1: Visiting a subpage, that is, a specific post in the blog, often fails. I just get a white webpage with the rest of the browser stuff working properly. Refreshing, compatibility view, and navigating manually through the blog’s internal links don’t work at all. Sometimes when I refresh, the page will load for a moment and then go to white.

2: Visiting a comment page, to read comments or to make my own comments, often doesn’t work. And it’s not a matter of trying again and again: certain pages just don’t load.

3: The word verification doesn’t work. I type it in, it doesn’t recognize. I’ve tried it a lot. Caps lock is off, num lock is off, and I know I’m doing it right. I tried the audio word verification and it sounded like a bored man in a basement bingo hall counting off a string of numbers. It didn’t match the word verification, but I typed them in anyway and tried it. Of course, not a match. Yes, I’m logged into WordPress when I comment, and it’s not the same error.

As I said, word verification etc. is working fine on other blog sites. I’ve been able to view comments and actually comment myself on certain blogs but it’s very hit or miss.

I’ve tested in IE and Firefox. I’m on Windows 7, but I also tested on an XP desktop using IE.

I hope it gets fixed somehow. A lot of my favorite blogs are on Blogger :/

Thank you D&D bloggers

October 14, 2011

I just wanted to shout out and thank all the D&D bloggers out there. I don’t often get writer’s block, but I do get writer’s laziness. That is, I know I should be working on a thing for this weekend’s game but just can’t motivate myself to do it. It’s not a big hump to get over, but reading a bunch of blogs provides great inspiration and gets my pencil to the graph paper. I think creative types need inspiration sometimes, but the blog format is excellent because you get a neat little idea in a quick shot of text. That is, you don’t spend all day reading instead of getting inspired and then writing.

At least the blog posts are short when it’s a good blogger. When you come here you have to save vs. Wall of Text :/

WordPress: Pain In The Butt

May 3, 2011

I keep getting this bug with my WordPress posting input box. When I fill up the box and scroll down, the scroll bar keeps jerking me back up to the top. My insertion point stays where it should be but it’s pretty irritating. I’m probably not petty enough to leave WordPress over this, considering the amount of effort it would take to move my posts over somewhere else, but I definitely wouldn’t have joined WP if I knew about the bug.

It really bugs me.

Anyway, does anyone have ideas about how to fix it? I’ve searched and found nothing useful.

Joesky Tax:

The Diamond Sniffer of Dumathoin
Appearance: Hollow silver nose designed to be worn over your own nose. It’s bulbous and its nostrils flare imperiously.

Function: When pressed to your face it grabs onto your nose and settles over it. You can breathe normally. You now smell various gems and metals the same way you would have normally smelled pleasant or obnoxious odors. You can tell the difference between metals, even ones coated or alloyed, to within 1% of metal content if you get a good noseful.

You have a 2 in 6 chance to sniff out metal or minerals up to 100′ away. If the scent passes through a door or chest it uses up 50′ of distance, and if immersed the depth of water counts as double distance. From a distance you can’t tell the metal makeup, but you can tell if it’s largely silver for example.

You have a 1 in 6 chance to sniff out nearby deposits of un-mined minerals. This works only for minerals very close to the surface, or when mining you are able to stay with the vein more effectively (if you succeed in a given day you don’t waste time digging in a direction where the vein isn’t going). This adds, in general, +20% to prospecting rolls (+4 on d20, +1 on d6)

You are now protected from other odors because you can’t smell them as well. Bad odors like sweat, bile, dung, and Stinking Cloud are less effective (+4 to your save) and you can’t really smell good odors like roasting lamb or sweet perfume. If there is a scent-related perception roll you have -20% (-4 on d20, -1 on d6).

When worn by a Dwarf or Gnome the wearer gains +2 CHA.

Worshippers of Dumathoin, Dwarves, Gnomes, and prospectors / miners in general might know what the Nose does on sight, having heard some story about it at some point. Dumathoin worshippers have an 80% chance, Dwarves and Gnomes a 50% chance, and other miners and prospectors a 25% chance. Dumathoin worshippers typically will try to purchase the Nose, but as Neutrals will not take it by force unless it’s held by a Chaotic who otherwise works against them. A Dumathoin worshipper with the item takes the ceremonial title which translates as “The One Who Nose Metal.”


September 11, 2010

Guess which blog I blew off for the past few months?

I was laid off and had a period of much work trying to get things in order. We continued gaming, but I didn’t have time to write for the blog. I typically write the session summary some days after the game, so it’s fresh enough in my mind. That didn’t happen, so I’m probably going to be unable to give precise descriptions of what happened in the last 15 or so gaming sessions.

Some things are happening though. I’m going back to school, and in a year and a half or so hopefully there is some measure of economic recovery. Regardless my character sheet will look a little more attractive to potential employers …

Things are happening on the D&D game front too. We lost one player who moved to Bremerton. The following weekend (last weekend) we lost a couple who just bought a house and discovered they’re pregnant! A lack of energy and time is at fault, but it sounds like they would play if they could. We still have 3 players and 0-2 more potentially joining this Sunday.

Things are also happening on the D&D writing front. I’ve been working on an actual list of magic items (descriptions, values, and a table for random selection). I’m up to about 850 and will probably end up with 1000. Artifact details will be a separate task, since I don’t need them right now and they won’t appear on the random selection tables. This is a huge deal. I’m serious, man. There is a cursed potion that will make you throw up for several minutes.

I’m sure you are as excited as I am.

Next on my plate: finish revising the monster stat pages (and adding monsters), revamp the random encounter charts to include the new ones and change the encounter chances for monster rarity (it seems like 20% of the wilderness encounters are with those damn Giant Ticks), revise the Players Guide, and continue work fleshing out the wilderness and the individual adventure sites in that wilderness.

Included in the Players Guide rewrite will be more summoning spells for the Time and Space school, general beefing-up of the Illusion school, more social skills, a few details for the Craft skill, general clarifications, a single blasted tpyo right in the first page, removal of the Troll PC race (sorry Poul Anderson), and a possible split into two booklets: the general rules and the Magic rules.

Part of me says that I should be able to say whatever I need to say in 44 booklet-fold pages (11 sheets) and that it’s nice to need just your single booklet, a pencil, two dice, a figure, and some scratch paper. Another part says the players will enjoy the greater variety in quality skill choices and spells, and the players who don’t want to bother with spellcasting can just leave that booklet in their bags. So it goes.

Anyway, things are still in motion, someone just kicked the plug out of the socket for a couple months. I’ll cobble together a synopsis of the events of the middle sessions and start keeping notes on current ones. That way I can post them in order and get that bit up to the present.


October 22, 2009

Well I missed a day. That, Mr. 1d30, is the sound of inevitability. Well at least I didn’t just scramble around and come up with some crap to post and …


So very sorry.

Anyway, I’m still out looking for a gaming group. We’ll see how that goes.

Gentlemens’ Rules

October 8, 2009

To maximize interest and encourage the habit of daily visits I decided to post daily, preferably at 8-9 AM, including weekends (though the hour didn’t so much matter then). If I had a good idea I would write it up and save it for a future drought of post ideas.

I have a bunch of things to share, but a lot of it seems topical because that’s what’s been bantered around the net-o-blags lately. Of course we all know that D&D is timeless and permanent like a perfect wafer of adamantine. So I decided to post the most perishable information first, except that if one post were very dry I would either add some juice to it or the next post would be very juicy regardless of perishability.

But I decided that I would post only once per day unless I had a surplus of more than seven finished posts.

My surplus posts exceed this number.

So I decided to post twice a day until my surplus dwindled below the threshhold of seven, whereupon I would resume once-daily posting. To maximize return visits (evidently this is my reward mechanic) I decided to make sure I posted at least 3 hours apart on days where I posted more than once.

I … I have house rules for how I would post on a blog about games. Sure I didn’t write them down but they were in force nonetheless.

I was once like you!


August 25, 2009

I just started this blog so I could post on the blogs of other people. All you folks just don’t like taking messages from Anonymous or Input Name. I can dig that.


Maybe if I come up with something worthwhile to say I’ll put it up.