Random Treasure Chests

1: Rotted, easily breakable by hand, if you use a tool to smash it will damage contents
2: Sturdy, -20% (-4) to break
3: Secret compartment inside (1 in 6 there is treasure)
4: Sitting on a hole (1 in 6 there is treasure, on 6 there is a small monster like a spider)
5: Stacking trays inside to organize contents
6: Covered with dirt, spiderwebs, dung, bones, garbage, or gravel (d6)
7: Really squeaky, extra random encounter roll when you open it
8: Banged up, singed, missing handles, cracks, dents, etc.
9: Lame lock (+10% or +2 to pick) (Roll d8 for condition)
10: Good lock (-20% or -4 to pick) (Roll d8 for condition)
11: Monster (Rot Grubs, Mimic, Animal Skeleton inside) (Roll d10 for condition)
12: Trapped (Acid spray, knockout gas, poison needles) (Roll d10 for condition)

CHEST CONTENTS TABLE (d4 for small chest, d8 for normal, d10 for good chest)
1: Empty
2: Garbage
3: Some copper and silver coins
4: Some silver and gold coins
5: Lots of copper coins
6: Consumable goods (iron rations, wine, oil, arrows, ink, paper)
7: Pieces of equipment (lantern, rope, tarp, clothes)
8: Fighting equipment (leather armor, mail, helm, shield, weapon)
9: A gem or piece of jewelry and roll d8 twice more
10: A magic potion or scroll


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