Random Helmets

Random helmets. Roll for type and face design, then optionally for decoration and minor magic. The minor magic roll has a balanced set of curses and benefits possible. If you add more of one, come up with more of the other to even it out.

helmet type (d8)
1-4: simple metal cap (round, square, bullet, or pointy top)
5-6: cap with skirt (mail, leather flap, leather strips, or metal scales)
7-8: full helm

face design (d12)
1-3: open-face
4-5: noseguard
6: pointy visor
7: round visor
8: flat visor
9-10: cage visor
11: bearded mask
12: demon-mask

decoration (d8)
1: lizard fin
2: feathers (perpendicular fan or single plume)
3: mohawk
4: fish-shaped
5: horned (bull or stag)
6: winged
7: dragon head-shaped
8: pair of cupped hands-shaped
9: spike(s) on top
10: candle-dish with mirror on front

minor magic (d100)
01: Attacks are more likely to hit helm, so enemies have +1 to hit you
02: Helm spins around to cover your face if you roll a natural 1 (1d4 rounds to fix)
03: Helm falls off if you’re hit with natural 20, 1d4x5′ away, d8 for direction (1=north, clockwise)
04: Headaches; 5% failure chance for spells or psionics
05: All head hair falls out when you put it on
06-95: No magic
96: Always a bit cooler inside, wicks away sweat, immune to hat-hair
97: Helm doesn’t interfere with hearing
98: Helm doesn’t interfere with speech or breathing
99: Helm doesn’t interfere with vision (translucent from inside)
00: Everyone within 5′ of you appears lit by Faerie Fire (only visible to wearer)


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