Circus Performers as D&D Classes

Think about it:

Mustachioed Strongman (Lifting, hurling, intimidation, acrobat’s assistant)
Favored tools: Bracers, striped unitard, big hammer, moustache

Acrobat (Climbing, contortion, leaping, pole vaulting, trapeze, trampoline, tightrope, stilt walking)
Favored tools: Rope, 10′ pole, hand chalk

Knife Thrower (Throwing, trick shots, juggling, catching)
Favored tools: Knives, hatchets, leather vest and white poofy shirt

Mystic (Mind over matter, fortune-telling, pickpocketing, legerdemain, fire-walking)
Favored tools: Plumed turban, voluminous robe, jeweled rings, crystal ball, tarot cards, smoke powder, flash paper

Fire-Breather / Sword Swallower (Fire breath, fire eating, regurgitation, minor swordfighting, fire dancing)
Favored tools: Flexible sword, vodka, lighter, flaming staff, flaming chain

Animal Tamer (Trained animals, animal handling, bullwhip, lasso, trick riding, beard of bees)
Favored tools: Bullwhip, lasso, footstool, weasel, falcon, lion, elephant, horse, beard of bees, charmed snake and flute

Clown (Distraction, pantomime, disguise, ventriloquism, puppetry, buffoonery)
Favored tools: Quick-change clothes, makeup, rubber chicken, whoopi cushion, snakes-in-a-can, megaphone

Tattooed One (Piercing, hook suspension, pulling with the hair, iron tongue, bed of nails, glass eating)
Favored tools: Tattoos, loincloth, rapier, long needles, blowgun

3 Responses to “Circus Performers as D&D Classes”

  1. Gordon A. Cooper Says:

    Circus performers having circus adventures, or circus performers descending into dungeons? Either way, I think I like it!

  2. A Class Game: Kitchen Sink or Thematic « 1d30 Says:

    […] classes. That’s fine. You don’t have lots of choice, but you have a good theme. Or circus performers. You can also use this to allow unlocking of classes. For example, if someone has a PC or henchman […]

  3. How to Run a Circus in your Game, Part 4 | Tribality Says:

    […] This list of circus performers as D&D classes […]

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