Session 9 More Overland and the First Sea Voyage

This session we spent some time traveling overland to explore more of the hex map. One player had comissioned a rowboat to be built because he wanted to explore an island visible offshore of the colony town of Earthstrike. It was finished this session.

They found the island rocky and barren, with crabs and barnacles in tidal pools, and some abandoned fishing shacks. Not very interesting. Two players polymorphed into birds and flew west to explore the inlet south of Earthstrike. Along the way they discovered a palisade fort across the water from the colony town, filled with strange gangly green-skinned people.

The fort also had animal pens. One pen held huge wolves they used as war mounts. The two polymorphers really wanted to kill off two of the wolves to eat their hearts and be able to change into that new form. But the wolves turned out to be intelligent and quite vicious, and they had to flee with just one heart. They ran out of healing spells and had to rush back to the island, as their spellbooks were back there. Remember, they cannot carry much with them when they polymorph into fast little birds!

The adventurers then returned to the ruined moathouse where they fought the rats and the ogres. They descended to the cellar and then down the well to the caves below, which were water-filled and alternately waist-deep to 15′ deep. The caves were full of zombies that pulled them under, and there was evidence of fighting down there in days long ago. One dry shelf held the last stand of some doomed defenders, and they found a magic blowing horn and a magic scabbard there. On another shelf, in a recess, was the corpse of a dwarf who had a lovely turquoise-plated belt and a silver helm (among other useless junk).

The water flowed in from an underground stream, through the caves, and out a series of short waterfalls to a bone-strewn stream running out into the daylight. Ancient metal bars there blocking the entrance were bent apart.

The place now cleared, they set about breaking the dam of fallen trees and beaver-works. They enlisted the aid of the beavers by charming them, but they weren’t able to help much. Once the blockage was cleared the land began to drain, and I told them it would no longer be swampy by next Summer.

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