What’s Up With This Thug?

Been a while since I posted, but we’ve been gaming pretty regularly. Just completed an adventure I wrote for a campaign phase for level 1-7, so the next phase is for levels 7-14. After that I’m going to shove them into either Spelljammer or Planescape, whichever they prefer. I’d like to do the former but some people don’t like the aesthetic.

I need to type and print up the adventure and have a couple other groups play it and give some advice. After some revision and art I’d like to put it out as a module. But this stage takes a while and I want to strive for quality.

Anyway, here’s a thing I was tinkering with for a while. It’s like the “what is this group of monsters doing” tables but specifically for a gang member. One of those tables you don’t really need but would be nice to see printed in tiny font in the sidebar of the city encounter table. I used terms like “police” and “gang” because they’re shorthand with a lot of baggage – you could substitute “city watch” and “thieves’ guild”.

What’s Up With This Thug?
1: Fresh face tattoo, just joined the gang and swaggers with extra bravado.
2: Has been hiding loot from his comrades and is paranoid and defensive.
3: Recently failed on a job and is desperate to make it up to the gang.
4: Pressure from family outside the gang life to go straight, seriously considering it.
5: Contacted by police recently, considering whether to cooperate with them.
6: Regularly sells gang info to another gang, will betray a friend to avoid attention.
7: Secretly in love with gang leader.
8: Secretly wants to take over the gang, has a few supporters.
9: Publicly wants to challenge gang leader at the next contests, all his supposed supporters are really spies for the leader.
10: Next in line of succession for gang, looking for opportunities to bump off leader.
11: Has some side work he’s keeping secret from the rest of the gang.
12: Has been squirelling away supplies in a secret hideout.
13: In love with someone outside the gang, cuts them slack when he shouldn’t.
14: Under pressure to perform well, erratic, makes mistakes.
15: Deep in debt to someone outside the gang.
16: Family member has been arrested by police, forced to give info on gang to them.
17: Sees gang as family, will give anything.
18: Tired of another member’s shit, will try to betray him.
19: Addicted to thrills, will take on challenges and risks.
20: Religious fanatic, views gang leader as messiah.

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