You Want M-Us to Invent Spells

I know every time I play an M-U my head is full of plans for cool spells to research, but there’s always some bummers: gotta have the gold, access to a library, etc.

What if you could invent exactly one spell per level-up for free as part of your miscellaneous research? Trick is, it can’t be something that’s already in the “regular spell list” that you could pick from for your free level-up spell before.

So you can make a spell that fills an area with cleansing bubbles and acts like a Fog Cloud as well, but lasts far less time, and ask the DM what level it would be. DM ponders over the course of the next week between sessions and gives you the answer next time. If the spell is too high of a spell level, you get it as soon as you reach the right M-U level to cast it. Or you can accept the DM’s amended spell that will work for you right now.

We assume an unbiased DM who isn’t out to screw his players or give them the world on a platter, making a Hold Person variant that also does 1d6 cold damage per round into a 9th level spell, or Mass Grease into a 2nd level spell, etc.

If you really don’t want to get creative, instead your researches result in a roll on some M-U chart that gives things like scrolls, potions, something your familiar dragged in, and hunchbacked hirelings.

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