Execution Undead

Howzabout making up some undead based on how they died: in this case, executions. I like the idea of undead created through extreme conditions rather than just “a wizard did it” or “anybody can be a ghost”. The realm of a cruel king will be heavier in wandering Undead than a kind one because he does a lot more executions.

“Headless” / “Hungry Head”
Headless mope and paw their way through thickets and marshes where vision is normally restricted. You might be paralyzed with fear. If it grabs you it slowly tears your head off and puts it on, able to see and speak for 2d6 days.

Hungry Heads roll and gambol about, gibbering and leering. You can outrun it on foot but there’s a small chance you trip and fall, letting it catch up. It attacks by biting and swallowing chunks of flesh, growing a miniature grotesque body under it which gives it MV 1″ per successful bite. At 12″ the body is full-formed and the Hungry Head scampers off to enjoy its body until it withers away in 2d6 days.

Haunting lanes and squares where hangings occur, a Brokeneck tries to look like a normal person by resting his head against the wall or doorframe, but occasionally it slips and he must prop it back up with his hands. If he has to move he holds his cowl as if to ward off rain but really to hold up his lolling head. If he can sneak up on a lawman, judge, or similar official he will try to snap the victim’s neck. If you seize the noose around his neck you can command him – for as long as you grasp it!

“Whimpering Haunt”
This ghost shudders and whimpers in the dark, especially prison cells and beggar’s alleys. Annoying and scary, he can be appeased by giving him food. But if you begin feeding him, if you ever stop he will attack by inflicting a gnawing hunger that can’t be appeased. You live with it and go mad or die of gluttonous rupture.

“Dripping Soul”
Looks like a wet, pale person with no shoes. It leaves wet footprints and passes through leaving doors unlocked and windows open. It haunts a neighborhood for 2d6 days before moving on. Any people who try to drown a living thing (like a person or cat but not a little bug) are attacked, the Dripping Soul reversing the situation – so the drowning victim escapes and the drowner is pressed beneath the water.

“Charred Man”
Regardless of the gender, these Undead are called Charred Men because you can’t tell the difference. Their flesh is burned away to the bone, leaving only dried sinew and strips of muscle (like a skeleton you can’t see through). Charred Men can turn into a cloud of ashes and blow up or down chimneys, but can’t enter lit ones and can’t travel through clean ones at all. If he gets in he drinks your wine and beer, leaving sooty handprints everywhere. If challenged he attacks by blinding with a spray of soot or breathing a cone of hot cinders.

“Bloated One”
This wretch has red, stripped, bloated flesh and wallows moaning in pools and rivers trying to cool off. Local folk must drive it away else it will heat up a stream or evaporate a pond, but risk gouts of steam from its belly.

Carrion Birds
“Crow Caller”
Looks like someone pecked and pierced all over, always bleeding. Appears to attack lone people along a road or meadow with clear sky above, when a flock of circling crows comes together and becomes a human-shape. If slain he reverts to crows and they flee, but can reform 1d6 days later. Must be exorcised in human-form or else you must capture all the local crows at once!

“Vengeful Rattler”
Looks like a skinny, broken-limbed scamp with black-rimmed eye sockets but no eyes. Sounds like pebbles and stones rattling down a deep well when it haunts an area. Throws stones at lone walkers in the area and breaks windows. If a stone-throwing fight happens it joins in, pelting anyone involved each round until the fight ends. It especially targets anyone who has in the past participated in a stoning.

“Heavy Heart”
This brooding spirit makes a room seem dimmer, closer, stifling. The ceiling seems to hang lower and the air dense and stale. Heavy Hearts press on people when they sleep, sometimes waking them but other times just giving disturbing dreams. Occasionally a Heavy Heart will suffocate a victim, especially if it’s been riled up by failed exorcisms, and may strike a wakeful person who kneeled or slipped.

“White Sleeper”
Looks like a still, sleeping, languid person in white clothes, thin blue veins on white skin. It’s very passive but creepy, and often appears in the bathtub or sitting at the dining table. If shaken awake it softly begs for some blood, and if fed some it will regain some vitality and wander off. It settles again somewhere else 1d6 days later.

“Gibbering Wailer”
It appears exactly as it did when it was disemboweled, roped or chained at the limbs but these are not attached to anything, grasping with both hands the slippery guts hanging from its abdomen. It staggers around bleeding everywhere and causes revulsion. You might flee and/or slip in the pools of blood. After it leaves the blood soaks into the ground or floor without a trace.

Later I might come up with more related to Electrocution, Impalement, Poisoning, Drawing and Quartering, Flaying, Breaking Wheel, Rack, Sawing, and Burrowing Insects.

Man people can be shitty to each other.

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  1. Fiona Z. Says:

    These are pretty awesome. I like the Brokeneck especially.

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