Ultima Forever

This thing is doing a closed beta. How have I not heard about this? Thanks Sword and Shield for letting me know!

Back in the day I played the heck out of Ultima Online. I loved the player housing, the depth of environmental and item interactions, and the zaniness of everyone being vulnerable. Then everyone filled up every server with houses, the resource hunting / crafting proved a bit boring, and they made a non-PVP world where everyone settled in boring safety.

I know the game isn’t probably going to be the perfect game for me and hit the sweet spot in every facet. But I’d like to see a continuation of UO’s legacy in skill- rather than class-based characters, full PVP all the time but with effective guards in town, all your carried loot drops when you die, extensive crafting that makes sense, player housing, boats and horses, and warring player-guilds.

I’d love to see improvements on that: more diverse crafting and resource collection, automated quests, a single “world instance” where everyone plays, carts, farming anywhere there’s dirt, undersea adventure, climbing / jumping / flying / swimming, a more robust NPC economy, a lot more dungeons, and cool interactive stuff going on in towns and dungeons.

But regardless I’ve got to try playing it. I’ll do the beta, play a free month if they offer, see what it’s like. Please don’t let it just be World of Diabloguild. The cool thing about Ultima in general (and here I’m speaking of Ultima Underworld and VI, VII, VIII) was player agency. You could do stuff, and affect stuff, even if it wasn’t a good idea. If I log in and it looks like I’m sliding around a static world and the only thing I can touch is a monster, I’ll be disappointed.

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