I’m having a problem with Blogger

These apply only to Blogger blogs; I don’t have these problems with other blog sites and I have these problems with almost every Blogger blog I try to visit. This has come up only in the past few days.

1: Visiting a subpage, that is, a specific post in the blog, often fails. I just get a white webpage with the rest of the browser stuff working properly. Refreshing, compatibility view, and navigating manually through the blog’s internal links don’t work at all. Sometimes when I refresh, the page will load for a moment and then go to white.

2: Visiting a comment page, to read comments or to make my own comments, often doesn’t work. And it’s not a matter of trying again and again: certain pages just don’t load.

3: The word verification doesn’t work. I type it in, it doesn’t recognize. I’ve tried it a lot. Caps lock is off, num lock is off, and I know I’m doing it right. I tried the audio word verification and it sounded like a bored man in a basement bingo hall counting off a string of numbers. It didn’t match the word verification, but I typed them in anyway and tried it. Of course, not a match. Yes, I’m logged into WordPress when I comment, and it’s not the same error.

As I said, word verification etc. is working fine on other blog sites. I’ve been able to view comments and actually comment myself on certain blogs but it’s very hit or miss.

I’ve tested in IE and Firefox. I’m on Windows 7, but I also tested on an XP desktop using IE.

I hope it gets fixed somehow. A lot of my favorite blogs are on Blogger :/

4 Responses to “I’m having a problem with Blogger”

  1. jeffro Says:

    I’ve composed several comments this week on OSR Blogger blogs and most of them do not go through.

    Very irritating, as Grodnardia has just started accepting WordPress profiles, too. Argh!

  2. Daddy Grognard Says:

    For reasons best known to itself, Blogger won’t save changes to my blogroll. I know they’ve just revamped the comments system so you can reply to a particular comment, rather than just add one at the end of the thread. Seems the changes might not have gone as smoothly as they’d hoped.

  3. Brendan Says:

    DG has it: I think the recent Blogger updates have introduced some bugs.

  4. Justin S. Davis Says:

    I thought it was just me, and that my browser software had gotten corrupted. (I’ve had every Blogger problem you mentioned on IE, but not Chrome.) So…yay?

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