Simple Equipment

Per comments on my previous post, I remembered some things I was working on a while back.

What do you need in terms of equipment? If each piece of equipment is a key that fits in the lock of an obstacle, we can tabulate a list of obstacles and create a necessary equipment list based on that. Anything outside that list is ad hoc equipment.

My list might go something like this:

Obstacle — Equipment
Hunger and Thirst — Rations and Wineskin
Darkness — Torches OR Lantern and Oil, PLUS Tinderbox
Climbing — Rope, Grappling Hook, Pitons, Hammer-Pick
Cold Weather — Furs, Crampons, Ice Axe, Snow Goggles
Hot Weather — Desert Clothes, Parasol, Sun Sheet
Shelter — Tent, Rain-Tarp, Tent Stakes
Camping — Fire Grate, Skillet, Pot, Ladle, Hatchet, Shovel
Monster Hunting — Garlic, Holy Water, Holy Symbol, Wooden Stakes and Mallet, Wolvesbane
Locks and Traps — Lockpicks, Crowbar, Oil Can, Eartrumpet
Ammunition — Quiver and 40 Arrows OR Quiver and 40 Quarrels OR Pouch with 40 Bullets
Spell Components — Owl Feathers and Mouse Testicles or whatever

This way, on your character sheet you would have the equipment kits you needed. Each character might have Rations plus two or three others.

Then you have armor, melee weapon, missile weapon. Done! A Ranger might be decked out as follows:

Studded Leather Armor
Arrows x2
Lantern and Oil
Arctic Gear

EDIT 11/28
Looks like Chimera Basic does the same thing, although with too many fiddly rules. I think the Savage Worlds “supplies” scheme works the same way and in afterthought I probably just picked up the idea there.

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