DitP 1

This session I explained some of the basic differences between my own game and AD&D1. There was some groaning at the prospect of resting EIGHT HOURS before being able to memorize spells.

I decided on no racial level limits, but racial class restrictions and multiclass options, humans gaining +25% to earned EXP. Anyone who calls in to say whether they will play or not by Friday (the game is Sunday) gets +25% again.

We’re doing surprise straight out of the book, we will see how it goes. So far it looks like a very careful group of adventurers will regularly surprise monsters, but this group seems keen on kicking down doors and making a lot of noise.

They explored the first dungeon level below a ruined castle, fought some goblins, picked up some silver pieces and goblin equipment. Most of the session was spent making characters. I thought I could reduce the chargen time by having them roll on equipment tables rather than spending starting gold, but I think we would just end up with a lot of haggling once we get into town. Instead of just buying what you want, you’d sell off that big iron box and the lantern you got saddled with to upgrade your armor. If they didn’t have a town to trade equipment, random equipment could be cool, but I don’t think it’s a time-saver.

The name of the campaign is a bit of a mystery. If I told them what it was actually called instead of the acronym it would spoil a big surprise. Or maybe it would be like knowing the title of a book is something like “The Yellow Dog” and you’re just waiting to see it come along and watching for hints about it.

We have the old goldenrod character sheets. We’re using a wet-erase mat whereupon I draw the dungeon as they explore and the party mapper copies it down on graph paper. If there’s a fight I have the players lay out dungeon tiles to match what’s on the mat and we temporarily care only about those tiles and the figures. We use one figure for the party leader on the mat, with the rest to the side, and the party marching order is described on a small sheet of graph paper notepad for when traps go off or we enter combat.

So far my only problem is initiative. I’ll do a little post about it after this.

2 Responses to “DitP 1”

  1. D. Says:

    We do Initiative on a d10 (10 segements in a round), everyone rolls individually. Spells take however many long segments to cast. Movement comes before inititive, but people can always choose to “run” by moving in thier inititive as well also. There’s a couple of other nuances when it comes to magic and stuff, but that’s the essence of it.


  2. 1d30 Says:

    Does movement happen as a separate phase? That is, is it possible to see Monster A move up to Player B, then Player B move away, then A gets a chance to attack and B gets a chance to attack?

    Or is it A moves then attacks, then B moves then attacks?

    In the first case, B can back away and fire or throw at A, making it so A doesn’t get a whack in that round unless he had a missile attack :/

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