WordPress: Pain In The Butt

I keep getting this bug with my WordPress posting input box. When I fill up the box and scroll down, the scroll bar keeps jerking me back up to the top. My insertion point stays where it should be but it’s pretty irritating. I’m probably not petty enough to leave WordPress over this, considering the amount of effort it would take to move my posts over somewhere else, but I definitely wouldn’t have joined WP if I knew about the bug.

It really bugs me.

Anyway, does anyone have ideas about how to fix it? I’ve searched and found nothing useful.

Joesky Tax:

The Diamond Sniffer of Dumathoin
Appearance: Hollow silver nose designed to be worn over your own nose. It’s bulbous and its nostrils flare imperiously.

Function: When pressed to your face it grabs onto your nose and settles over it. You can breathe normally. You now smell various gems and metals the same way you would have normally smelled pleasant or obnoxious odors. You can tell the difference between metals, even ones coated or alloyed, to within 1% of metal content if you get a good noseful.

You have a 2 in 6 chance to sniff out metal or minerals up to 100′ away. If the scent passes through a door or chest it uses up 50′ of distance, and if immersed the depth of water counts as double distance. From a distance you can’t tell the metal makeup, but you can tell if it’s largely silver for example.

You have a 1 in 6 chance to sniff out nearby deposits of un-mined minerals. This works only for minerals very close to the surface, or when mining you are able to stay with the vein more effectively (if you succeed in a given day you don’t waste time digging in a direction where the vein isn’t going). This adds, in general, +20% to prospecting rolls (+4 on d20, +1 on d6)

You are now protected from other odors because you can’t smell them as well. Bad odors like sweat, bile, dung, and Stinking Cloud are less effective (+4 to your save) and you can’t really smell good odors like roasting lamb or sweet perfume. If there is a scent-related perception roll you have -20% (-4 on d20, -1 on d6).

When worn by a Dwarf or Gnome the wearer gains +2 CHA.

Worshippers of Dumathoin, Dwarves, Gnomes, and prospectors / miners in general might know what the Nose does on sight, having heard some story about it at some point. Dumathoin worshippers have an 80% chance, Dwarves and Gnomes a 50% chance, and other miners and prospectors a 25% chance. Dumathoin worshippers typically will try to purchase the Nose, but as Neutrals will not take it by force unless it’s held by a Chaotic who otherwise works against them. A Dumathoin worshipper with the item takes the ceremonial title which translates as “The One Who Nose Metal.”

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