I think the 1E/2E Paladin and Ranger are failures as classes. You can approximate the Paladin with Fighter/Cleric, and you can approximate the Ranger with Fighter/Sneaky/Wilderness. You’d use the same Wilderness class to approximate a Druid, as Cleric/Magic-User/Wilderness. Note that by breaking them out, you get the ability to multiclass other combinations. You could have a straight Sneaky/Wilderness to make a Bandit character that had less fighting ability than a Ranger type.

I’d suggest the following list of classes:


So? I realize there are more than 7 +/- 2 classes to choose from. Kind of a bummer, it’s just outside the range. Also note that you could multiclass with more than three, though I’d suggest a normal limit of 3 unless the player can come up with some description of what the character’s role is like. Also I intended each to start with a different letter so you can abbreviate more easily. If that doesn’t matter to you, “Intellectual” should probably be called “Scholar” or “Sage” or “Academic.”

This should be good: pick any of them and try to come up with an archetype that fits pretty well. Some examples:

Nautical Craftsman: Boatswain
Social Rogue Magician: 2E D&D Bard
Social Rogue Fighter Wilderness Priest: 1E D&D Bard
Rogue Fighter Priest Intellectual: 1E D&D Monk
Nautical Laborer: Sailor
Wilderness Laborer: Peasant
Social Aristocrat: Courtier
Wilderness Magician Priest: Druid
Social Fighter Rogue: Assassin
Nautical Fighter Rogue: Viking
Intellectual Fighter Rogue: Indiana Jones

Are there any basic classes that I’m missing?

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