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The webcomic Erfworld used to be attached to the Order of the Stick, but broke off to their own website at the end of Book 1. I tend to read a webcomic up to the newest update, then leave it for some time to “grow back” before the next harvest. I just read from the end of Book 1 to the present, and suddenly realized some things about their dwagons – I mean, dragons. Everything has a cutesy name.

In the comic, each creature has a unit type. Stabber, pike, heavy, archer, caster, siege, etc. They also have attached modifiers like flying or digging. The interesting thing about dwagons is that their breath effect is not necessarily just an attack that causes damage. They also might have an attack type. Purple dwagons, for example, have a siege breath despite being a Heavy unit. This correlates to D&D Lightning Bolt blasting holes in walls and generally Fireball and Lightning Bolt having some siege effect. The list of dwagon types can be found here.

I see some interesting things that I would consider for D&D. Dwagons have some similar breath types to D&D dragons – Red = Fire, Blue = Lightning, Green = Gas. We diverge with Brown / Black = Smoke, Pink = Bubblegum, Purple = Sonic, and Yellow = Acidic Crap. The pink dwagon’s gum attack seems effective as a very different type of breath effect, sort of like silver dragons who can breathe paralyzing gas (right? Some dragon can. I’m not looking it up). We still have acidic damage from the yellow dwagon instead of the black dragon, and the attack direction is refreshingly downward instead of unidirectional. Sonic damage is underutilized, so I like the purple dwagon for that.

I think I would break out Brown and Black dragons so they have different breath types. I’d also take smoke away from the brown / black dragons and give it as a secondary to red dragons. So it might look something like this:

Red: Fire Breath, Smoke Breath, Blood ignites so you take damage when you hit it
Blue: Lightning Breath and Shocking Headbutt (Arc between horns)
Green: Poison Gas, Venomous Bite, Flesh is poisonous so anything biting it takes a weak poison hit
Yellow: Acidic Crap, Sickening Bile, Flesh is disgusting so animals won’t bite it more than once
Purple: Sonic Breath (damage, stun, and knockdown), Best flyer
Black: Acid Spit, Disease Bite, Water Breathing, Slick so you can’t grapple it, swim
Brown: Flesh-Eating Gas Breath, Digging, Squeeze through narrow openings
White: Frost breath (damage, slow, ice accretion), full traction on ice, swim
Pink: Goop Breath (sticky like a Web spell), … uh, little pony summoning? ;P

I also like the idea of gemstone dragons, and I’d have to figure something out for metallic dragons. There are certain dragons missing, such as a mountain dragon with stone-related powers or a coral dragon that’s oceanic and has a shockwave breath to stun creatures underwater.

I definitely think this is the way to go. Dragons need to be different from each other in ways that go beyond the damage type of what they spit at you.

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