Session Update and Other Associated Updates

Gaming Group
The group now meets at my dad’s house, where I played with his group years ago. My group still meets on Sundays. It now includes only one original member (Mark) and four other regulars (Kristy, John, Callie, and Zack). We have two who play now and then (Jeanette and Lexi).

Campaign Synopsis
The adventurers explored around the peninsula with the frontier town Earthstrike, establishing themselves in an ancient keep some 20 miles away. They tangled with the denizens of the peninsula forest of Brackenwood, including giant black squirrels, dryads, and angry forest spirits that beseiged their “Chateau D’ Awesome” with an army of pumpkin-men. Earthstrike was menaced by a fort of goblins across the inlet to the south.

After they were chased out of there they explored more widely, venturing down into dungeons as it pleased them, realizing early on that the game’s primary reward was treasure, and the best treasure was down in dungeons. During this period they explored a haunted asylum monastery, the City of the Ghosts which comes to “life” again every night, the dungeons under a collapsed village. They were spirited away by a ghost ship that took them to a skull-shaped island where the stars were wrong and a great underground harbor seethed with piratic culture. They worked their way out of the trap-filled caves to escape, only to find on their return that the island was in some other dimension and several years had passed.

Earthstrike was a cold ruin: the goblins had won and left with many captives. The adventurers tracked the goblins to the pass leading into their lands, and shied away at the brink. They got new six-legged troll-horses from a troll village in that green mountain valley and went back to exploring elsewhere. They felt themselves unready for the rescue attempt.

In the dungeons under a wizard’s laboratory near the City of the Ghosts they noticed but did not disturb a dragon – the first they have seen. Later they found a village of dwarves who traded with them, and plainsmen nearby, but no other civilization. One player fell afoul of a Deck of Many Things, losing “all property.” She handled it really well.

Game Design
I’m almost done with the player’s guide rewrite. I’m also having second thoughts on one basic design premise, which was replacing classes with a list of 3E style feats that characters could learn as they gained levels. It’s different from a class-based game, but I’m not sure it’s objectively better. I am sure it’s not better on all counts. I need to solicit last-minute feedback from my players.

The magic item book is done. It’s hot. This magic item book is the pimp snizzle. So palpable.

Next up: the monster book, then finalizing my referee notes into a referee guide.

Of course I’ll put it all up on the blog for free (as in free beer).

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