Guess which blog I blew off for the past few months?

I was laid off and had a period of much work trying to get things in order. We continued gaming, but I didn’t have time to write for the blog. I typically write the session summary some days after the game, so it’s fresh enough in my mind. That didn’t happen, so I’m probably going to be unable to give precise descriptions of what happened in the last 15 or so gaming sessions.

Some things are happening though. I’m going back to school, and in a year and a half or so hopefully there is some measure of economic recovery. Regardless my character sheet will look a little more attractive to potential employers …

Things are happening on the D&D game front too. We lost one player who moved to Bremerton. The following weekend (last weekend) we lost a couple who just bought a house and discovered they’re pregnant! A lack of energy and time is at fault, but it sounds like they would play if they could. We still have 3 players and 0-2 more potentially joining this Sunday.

Things are also happening on the D&D writing front. I’ve been working on an actual list of magic items (descriptions, values, and a table for random selection). I’m up to about 850 and will probably end up with 1000. Artifact details will be a separate task, since I don’t need them right now and they won’t appear on the random selection tables. This is a huge deal. I’m serious, man. There is a cursed potion that will make you throw up for several minutes.

I’m sure you are as excited as I am.

Next on my plate: finish revising the monster stat pages (and adding monsters), revamp the random encounter charts to include the new ones and change the encounter chances for monster rarity (it seems like 20% of the wilderness encounters are with those damn Giant Ticks), revise the Players Guide, and continue work fleshing out the wilderness and the individual adventure sites in that wilderness.

Included in the Players Guide rewrite will be more summoning spells for the Time and Space school, general beefing-up of the Illusion school, more social skills, a few details for the Craft skill, general clarifications, a single blasted tpyo right in the first page, removal of the Troll PC race (sorry Poul Anderson), and a possible split into two booklets: the general rules and the Magic rules.

Part of me says that I should be able to say whatever I need to say in 44 booklet-fold pages (11 sheets) and that it’s nice to need just your single booklet, a pencil, two dice, a figure, and some scratch paper. Another part says the players will enjoy the greater variety in quality skill choices and spells, and the players who don’t want to bother with spellcasting can just leave that booklet in their bags. So it goes.

Anyway, things are still in motion, someone just kicked the plug out of the socket for a couple months. I’ll cobble together a synopsis of the events of the middle sessions and start keeping notes on current ones. That way I can post them in order and get that bit up to the present.

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