Session 11 The Cemetery

This session we had two players missing and one new player. Unfortunately, one of the missing players was the one with Read Languages, which becomes important later.

They had earlier found an old map in a ruined wagon that showed the immediate area, with a mysterious X off to the west. They traveled there this session, along the way getting distracted by trickery.

A woman in white fleeing a gang of horsemen was seen fleeing through the woods. Some PCs gave chase, but only the one on horseback could keep up. After several tense moments of chase, the PCs astride the horse careened headlong into swampy muck. The horsemen ahead galloped across the quicksand and vanished, as ethereal giggling echoed. The whole party helped him clear his horse from the bog and they moved on.

At the X on their map was a valley with a ruined village at the head. Below, orchards and fields overgrown, wild sheep, and some wolves. And a bit of road running from the village down through the orchard and beyond.

They searched and moved down the road into the orchard. The new player, stalking off to the side, happened upon a small dragon and snuck up on it. She blew it out of the sky as it fled, startled, and they rushed to it as it fell. She roped it and healed it, and intends to tame it.

The party continued along the road and found an old cemetery. Previously they had found from carvings that the old civilization here liked to bury their dead deep underground in the Underworld, but here was a surface cemetery. There were walled blocks of graves with headstones, and a hill into which tombs were cut, and a small ruined chapel at the top.

They searched all day, and when night fell the place took on a sinister demeanor. At one point the crickets and toads stopped sounding, and a ghostly glowing woman appeared walking up the hill. Believing it to be more trickery, one PC dashed uphill to confront her. She turned, and I described her countenance and reaction as the librarian-ghost in Ghostbusters. He just barely made his saving throw against instant, heart-stopping death. He and everyone else fled, returning some time later to find her gone.

Searching the tombs the next day revealed them to be full of nice loot. Each had a stone seal on the front, a sort of huge disc. One tomb, much nicer than the rest, held a wiry undead creature of taut muscles and burning, rage-filled eyes. He leapt at them in the tomb’s gloom and their weapons at first proved ineffective. But they had sufficient spells, and one PC with a flaming sword, and they prevailed. The creature fell into ashes, but not before it had struck one of them with its chilling claws. That adventurer felt weak and sick, and their meager healing magic did nothing to cure it.

Among the fine tomb’s treasures were a magic sword, a magic flask, and a magic rope.

On the way back, right at the very gates of their Chateau D’ Awesome, they were ambushed by some Giant Black Squirrels. The squirrels attacked briefly and fled into the woods, taking some small items with them. One PC, enraged, ran after to slay them alone. The squirrels ambushed him in the twilight. The others ran to answer his cries for help, and found him unconscious, scratched and bruised, missing a few pieces of equipment. After they revived him and brought him inside he vowed revenge.

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