Session 4 – Looking For Trouble and the First PC Deaths

This session the party decided that they needed to gain some EXP and level up. But they were tired of the dungeon they were in, and wanted to explore some of the forest and hills they were in. They also mentioned they wanted to “look for trouble” as they went.

There wasn’t a rule for it, but I decided to just raise the random encounter chance from 2 in 12 to 4 in 12, without rolling more often (twice per day and once at night).

They encountered a shy black bear, which they slaughtered. Then a swarm of giant hornets, which they fled from. And finally a scourge of giant ticks (I couldn’t find the animal group name for ticks, but that sounds about right). Those giant ticks really ruined their day, latching on and draining blood. A full tick lets go and wanders off. They didn’t actually win that fight, since they killed only 2 or 3 of the dozen ticks that attacked. And they lost two party members.

Luckily someone had bought a horse, and the horse was used to help carry the casualties back to town. It was a five-day trek back, during which time they stopped “looking for trouble” and discovered a ruined moathouse in the hills on the way back.

There were no priests in town powerful enough to raise the dead. There were rumors of a “Fountain of Life” somewhere but it was unclear even if it was nearby. The two players with dead characters rolled up new ones. We stopped there.

I asked the players who rolled up new characters to just roll the stats and buy gear, and get the game moving again. They would spend skill points as they went, and then over the week can re-create the character as they like. But they have enough of a grasp of the system that next session the new characters will be set in stone just like everyone else.

We’re skipping the game this weekend because of Valentine’s Day. It’s probably best that we all spend the evening with our partners 😉

But for next weekend they have lots of options: explore overland, explore the Sunken Grove ruins further, or investigate the new Ruined Moathouse. Or they could cobble together some canoes and see what’s on the island they noticed as they arrived.

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