Session 1: Got the new game rolling

Last Saturday my new gaming group had our first session. We met the previous weekend so I could get feedback on the game setting and the system, so people were playing something they wanted.

We ended up with two humans and two elves, with a pretty good mix of character skills. They took a lot of flaws like phobia, criminal, poor, colorblind, etc. It’s an interesting band of misfits and it’s pretty clear why they’re all adventuring on the edge of the world. So that’s cool. Dwarves have some neat features in this game and I hoped someone would play one, but I think not so many people like playing Dwarves.

I guess they don’t sparkle enough 😉

Four players, probably a fifth next weekend. Three are pretty experienced, one played a couple times a few months ago, and the last has played only video game RPGs. It’s nice to have some new players and also some experienced ones to help them along.

The campaign is a wilderness sandbox (as previously described) set upon the ruins of an old civilization. Town is rather inhospitable at the moment and boring besides, and certainly not profitable (though one player stole a backpack and there was some eating of stray cats). So they set out into the hills to see what kind of loot and trouble they could dig up.

You know, in Dwarven they use the same word for “loot” and “trouble”, sort of like that Chinese “crisitunity” thing.

Anyway, they found a great depression in the ground, which they immediately assumed was a collapsed and overgrown cellar of some building. One skirted around to investigate some stonework on the west side halfway up the depression, and another decided to just climb down and cut through the depression itself. There was some scuttling through the underbrush and she was attacked by Giant Ants! (She rolled just 1 HP for level 1 and was feeling pretty nervous)

They smashed a few of the tough little buggers but set the forest on fire when one PC was knocked out and dropped his flaming sword. They camped in a newly-discovered nearby ruin to heal up and then a PC doused herself with water, turned into a wolf, and jumped through the flames to retrieve the sword.

Back at the ruin they found its cellar was also collapsed, and an exposed fieldstone tunnel led deeper.

When we left off, the fire was still going and night was falling. No wandering monsters yet, surprisingly, after a few days tromping through the wilderness. Seemed like everyone had fun.

I gave them a piece of hex grid paper and drew the area immediately around the colony town, but after that they had to draw the map. They say they’re traveling northwest, I tell them what the next hex is. The hexes are 5 miles each, which gives me the ability to have multiple hidden things in each hex if I want, but many can be empty.

The map is finished but it needs to be more densely populated with adventure sites. And I need to detail those adventure sites – I currently have only some sketchy notes on nearby ones. I have a bunch of random encounter tables for each region (each forest, each set of hills, etc) and a bunch of random tables for DM aid (prospecting, random treasure, etc). But I just finished writing the game rules, which are in the Player’s Guide. I need to write the Treasure book and the Monster book. I’ve been going off the cuff using D&D stats for those so far. And the DM Guide will pretty much just be a bunch of tables and DM aids like I’m gathering now, plus rules for strongholds, magic item creation, that sort of thing.

We’re playing at a local gaming shop called the Game Matrix. You don’t have to pay for table space and it’s pretty cool. I’m thinking of making a few pieces of wargaming terrain and giving them to the owner. They have a bunch available for people to use, but I can see some pieces they’re missing.

I’ll do a little update for each session. Nothing too detailed, just the highlights. Hopefully that gets me posting more.

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