A few magical illuminations

Lantern of the Incredulous Eye
When lit, this red lantern casts light in a 10′ long wedge 10′ across at the end. Most of this is dimmed by the shadow of an eye which the lantern casts. If the eye passes over a secret door or trap, the device is outlined in yellow. If it passes over an illusionary or polymorphed thing, the thing is outlined in orange.

The outline is visible to everyone. Other than identifying these things the outline has no effect (it is not like Faerie Fire).

It will not outline Invisible things. Natural camouflage is ignored, though illusory camouflage will be outlined. Magical light and darkness is ignored. Concealed doors (those hidden behind some obstruction such as a rug or normal bookshelf) are ignored. This is because they are not secret doors in construction, and even if they were the shadow of the eye does not pass over them because the concealment blocks it.

Honesty Lamp
This small oil lamp lets off only a weak light. But within the 30′ radius of this dim light lies are detected. Anyone in the area can save vs. Spell or make a Magic Resistance check to be able to lie, but you roll only once the first time you speak. Until the lamp is doused and lit again your success of failure on that save stands.

Anyone who attempts to resist the lamp finds that the smoke drifts toward him. This effect cannot be avoided and remains until he leaves the area or the lamp goes out. Anyone who successfully resists the lamp finds smoke billowing about his face, obscuring his features. This, again, cannot be avoided unless you leave the area or the lamp goes out.

In a normal meeting with no funny business it will be pretty obvious who is able to lie. Generally if this happens the lamp is blown out and re-lit. Those who insist on resisting the lamp are told to go away if they can’t be honest like everyone else.

If you’re affected by the lamp and you lie, you begin to choke on the smoke from the lamp. You can barely get the words out but it’s obvious that you’re choking on smoke.

The lamp requires a very fine aromatic oil to burn. This oil costs 10 GP per hour of light where it is produced, but in areas where the oil is exotic and must be shipped in the cost may be as much as 100 GP per hour.

Lamp Oil of Enhancement
When poured into a magical lantern, the lantern’s area of effect radius is 50% broader (so a 30′ radius effect becomes a 45′ radius). The oil lasts for ten lantern activations or one hour of continuous use depending on how the lantern is used. For lanterns with both types of usage, an activation counts for 6 minutes of continuous use.

Sticky Dragonfire Oil
A jar of this flammable oil will spread in a sticky jelly over a 10′ square when thrown. If lit, the oil will burn for one hour dealing 2d6 damage per round anyone stands in it. This is 2d6 per square, so a large creature might take multiple squares of damage.

Anyone walking through finds the oil sticks to their feet, causing 1 HP of damage per round for the rest of the hour. The main oil patch then has -1 damage to the 2d6. You can pick up multiple 1 HP / round globs if you pass through multiple times.

Thrown on a creature the oil mostly covers it, causing the 2d6 per round for an hour if lit. Spread a 1 HP / round glob in 2d4 squares behind the creature in the direction of the throw, as deemed reasonable by the DM. These globs damage anyone passing through, and people can pick them up. Deduct the number of globs from the per-round damage on the creature struck.

If a creature is in the 10′ patch when the jar is thrown, it picks up 1d6 globs from the square it’s on. That ground square out of the four then has minus that amount of damage per round.

You can scrape off one glob per round, but the glob is then attached to the thing you used to scrape. A second round can be used to scrape the glob off from the implement onto the ground. Or you could use a wall to scrape yourself off, using one round per glob.
The oil burns underwater, in sand, in low temperature, even in a vacuum.

Slick Dragonfire Oil
A jar of this flammable oil will spread out over a slick 10′ wide by 20′ long when thrown. Center the closer 10′ square on the impact point and place the farther 10′ square in the line of the throw.

Anyone walking through will slip and fall unless they roll under Dexterity on 4d6. Runners must roll 5d6, crawlers roll 3d6. If you fail you fall prone and the rest of your movement is wasted.

If the oil is lit, it causes 1d6 HP of damage per square you pass through. If you fall into the oil and are covered by it you take 1 HP of damage per round for the next two rounds. If you fall again your two round timer is refreshed – it never goes over two rounds at a time. The oil slick burns for half an hour.

Additionally, if you fall in there is a 3 in 6 chance that whatever you’re holding becomes covered in oil. You can pick these oily items up but you cannot use them as tools or weapons until you clean them off.

If a creature is in the slick area when the jar is thrown, it must save vs. Breath Weapon or get a coating as if it had fallen. The slick still covers the ground.

You can clean off the oil with a cloth or a sponge but you cannot scrape it off effectively.

The oil burns underwater, in sand, in low temperature, even in a vacuum.

Sahuagin Candle
When this squat green taper is grasped and commanded to light, it will light up and stay lit even underwater or in airless space. It doesn’t use up air; it creates air, enough for six Medium creatures huddling around it. The candle burns for eight hours, and can be extinguished and relit later. The candle is also protected from strong wind, but a hurricane will still put it out.

Zune’s Candelabra
This golden candelabra has three branches, and each branch ends in a metal human hand. The hands, carved palm-up with fingers slightly curled, grasp any size of candle up to 6″ across. Any normal candles burned while held in the candelabra last 10 times as long. Magical candles have double their normal duration and +50% to the radius of their area of affect.

Because the hands grasp the candles, they cannot fall out accidentally. Someone must grasp a candle and pull it away. The candelabra will also light or extinguish all of the candles it holds thrice per day, so the owner need not light them manually one at a time.

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