A few magical weapons

The Black Javelin of Doom
When thrown, this javelin turns into crackling black energy and inexorably follows the target. It moves from the thrower at human walking speed following the target. Every round that it follows, it gets more powerful. On the first round, the javelin causes normal damage, but at the start of every round thereafter the javelin moves and then grows by x0.25 damage multiplier. This means after four rounds of growing, the javelin would cause x2 damage on a hit.
The Black Javelin will round corners, slip between portcullis bars, and otherwise try to reach the target. If something else interposes completely (the target closes a door, for example) and it cannot go around, the javelin strikes the barrier for full damage and winks out of existence. The javelin will burst asunder a half inch of stone or one inch of wood per 10 points of damage. If it pierces a wall or door assume that a 5′ across hole was made.
If another creature interposes itself, such as a summoned monster or a rodent thrown by the victim, the javelin avoids the other creature to continue pursuing the victim. There is no loss of speed and there is no chance that the javelin will hit a creature other than the one at which it was thrown. Spells that interpose will not block it, even if those spells say they are infallible. But a spell that actually seals the target away (Wall of Stone, Wall of Force) will block it.
If the original attack roll had missed, there is no way to know until the javelin reaches the target. Stoneskin, illusions, and energy shields are no defense against this. A spell developed specifically to deflect the Black Javelin, or something effective against all magic (magic resistance, Antimagic Shell, Prismatic Sphere) can block it but not redirect it.
A Wish could redirect the javelin to another target but doing so incurs the wrath of the god of vengeance, who gave the secrets of their manufacture to his priests long ago.

Arrow of Attraction
If this arrow causes HP damage it sticks in the target. Any missile weapons passing within 20′ of the victim swerve to attack him instead, with the original attack roll. The arrow can be removed in one round, or two if it was fired into his back and he removes it himself. The arrow then withers away and is worthless. An unused arrow can be fired into a tree or other plant to generate the attraction field until the arrow is removed.

Wastrel’s Quarrel
When this quarrel hits, the victim’s magic items all activate. Those with only one use left (potions, spell scrolls, wands with just one charge left, a ring with one wish) are not affected. Items usable X activations per Y time are affected even if they have just one use left in this period. The activated items all target the wearer. They cannot be activated again this round, so multiple quarrels hitting one target in a round are pointless.
This is a good way to both waste a target’s magic supplies and prevent him from using them later in the round. But if he has more beneficial magic items on him than attack items, he may come out ahead.

Hammer of the Clear Path
This war-hammer can be thrown to full range and it returns by flying back at the end of the round. When thrown it creates a gust of wind blowing outward from the path it traveled. Everything within 10′ of the path is blown back as if by a Gust of Wind spell, so that the hammer creates a clear path 20′ across. Anyone directly in the path is pushed randomly: 1-2 thrown to the left, 3-4 to the right, 5-6 launched upward 10′. The gust is instantaneous so nothing prevents people from moving back in on their next turn.
Creatures thrown aside into a wall take 1d6 damage.

Children of Set
These white rubbery stones, thrown or slung at a hard surface, snap open releasing a snake from each. The snake attacks the nearest living thing, and has AC 7, HD 1, HP 8, Damage 1d4 + poison (save at +2 bonus or take 10 points of damage), and MV 6”. The snake attacks at the beginning of the round after it’s released. Slain snakes disappear in a burst of oily smoke. If six rounds pass and the snake has not been slain, it disappears the same way.

Caltrop Carpet or Loviatar’s Quilt
This is a thin cloth rug when rolled up, but when unfurled on a surface it turns into a bed of caltrops 10′ square. The caltrops, however, are not picked up by passing feet. Only if the bed of caltrops is “picked up” all at once by an edge, will the carpet turn to cloth once again. Any missing caltrops become small holes in the rug, which can be magically Mended using just one casting but cannot be non-magically mended. If the caltrops are scattered, the largest concentration becomes the carpet item and reverts to just a scrap which must be mended.
If the cloth is soaked with poison, the caltrops will likewise be poisoned. It takes twenty doses of poison to soak the carpet. The caltrops deliver a dose of poison to anyone passing through. Roll 1d20 and record which number that was. That section of caltrops is cleaned of poison. The next person passing through will not be poisoned if he rolls that section. You can under-poison the cloth. If you put 5 doses in, then only 1-5 on d20 will be poisoned patches. The poison goes bad at the regular rate for poisoned weapons, as determined by the DM.

Blue Saber of the Tattered Veil
This thin sword acts as a dagger in all ways except length. When it hits, it removes magical protections. Any general defensive magic (Shield, Armor, Blur, Displacement, Repulsion, Protection from Normal Missiles, etc) has a 2 in 6 chance of going down. Check for each effect separately. If the effect comes from a spell the spell is cancelled regardless of caster level. If the effect is from a permanent magic item (Cloak of Displacement, Ring of Invisibility) the effect is nullified for one turn.
Against charged protections like Stoneskin and Mirror Image, the saber strips away two charges of each for every time you make a successful attack roll regardless of whether the attack hit a Mirror Image or a Stoneskin or some other magic, regardless of whether it actually did damage.
In all cases the saber does not ignore the defensive magic. It just has a chance to remove it. So Stoneskins will still prevent it from cutting but will not prevent the defense-stripping.
The sword glows when in use but flares up brilliantly when it touches a Magic-User or a monster with spell-like abilities. If the wielder has Spellcraft skill and is willing to spend a round inspecting the flares he can determine exactly what class of Magic-User it is (or if it’s a monster instead). You must inspect right then, during the fight, and cannot wait to roll later.

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