Gentlemens’ Rules

To maximize interest and encourage the habit of daily visits I decided to post daily, preferably at 8-9 AM, including weekends (though the hour didn’t so much matter then). If I had a good idea I would write it up and save it for a future drought of post ideas.

I have a bunch of things to share, but a lot of it seems topical because that’s what’s been bantered around the net-o-blags lately. Of course we all know that D&D is timeless and permanent like a perfect wafer of adamantine. So I decided to post the most perishable information first, except that if one post were very dry I would either add some juice to it or the next post would be very juicy regardless of perishability.

But I decided that I would post only once per day unless I had a surplus of more than seven finished posts.

My surplus posts exceed this number.

So I decided to post twice a day until my surplus dwindled below the threshhold of seven, whereupon I would resume once-daily posting. To maximize return visits (evidently this is my reward mechanic) I decided to make sure I posted at least 3 hours apart on days where I posted more than once.

I … I have house rules for how I would post on a blog about games. Sure I didn’t write them down but they were in force nonetheless.

I was once like you!

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