A few Undermountain encounters

These are a few of the interesting planned encounters from my Undermountain dungeon. They weren’t keyed to a room, but would be placed somewhere if I felt the party was getting bored or was going through an area that I didn’t realize was so empty. They might also be used as a random wandering encounter result.

The Experiment
Around the corner stomps a grumbling, irritated zombie-looking creature. Parts of him are sewn together with thick wire, and metal plates form a patchwork on his skin. His entire left leg is made of steel, and spikes stick out from the outsides of his forearms and knuckles. As soon as he sights the PCs, he attacks.

This golem has potion-holding fixtures on his body: six down his spine, one on each shoulder, and one on his neck. The potions can be used by him at any time, one per round maximum, for free. One potion vial on his spine is empty, and the other five are Potions of Extra-Healing. The neck potion is Speed, one shoulder potion is Stoneskin (8 charges) and the other shoulder potion is empty. A potion vial can be attacked as AC -1 and if struck will shatter.

If the golem finds a potion he will pour it into one of his empty vials and replace it in its socket. He isn’t smart enough to identify the potions but can tell if they’re magical, and whether they’re beneficial or not. Unfortunately he cannot reach his back-potions and so always uses those sparingly.

Flesh Golem (1): IN 9, AL LE, AC 3, MV 8, HD 9, HP 58, Damage 2d6/2d6, SA none, SD magical weapon to hit, fire and cold slow, electricity heals, immune to other spells, SZ L, ML 20, XP 2000.

Frozen Dinner
This room is quite cold. Ice coats a broad swath on the north wall, and in front of the wall is a dwarf encased in ice. Icicles point toward the wall behind him, melting with steady drips. All the ice in the room seems to be melting. It’s difficult to tell how long ago the ice formed, but it probably hasn’t been here for very long. He has some equipment but you’d have to break off some ice to get at it.

The dwarf is dressed in modern clothes, and carries some adventuring equipment: a small leather backpack with a bedroll tied to the top and a rope tied to the side, a lantern with shattered glass, a war hammer, a pouch of 12 GP and 33 SP, 8 beads in his beard worth 1 GP each, and a suit of chainmail. Strapped to his back is a light crossbow, and at his hip is a squarish quiver of 30 light crossbow bolts. He has a knife concealed under his beard, as well. Under the glove on his left hand is a large gold ring with a flat diamond set into it (100 GP). It bears a traditional Dwarven wedding inscription inside the band. Inside the backpack is a wood-slat book tied together with cord with 10 sheets of paper inside, seven days of food, and a sewing kit.

The dwarf is quite dead. His party was attacked here by a frost creature, which breathed on him and froze him in a block of ice. His friends had to leave him, for they had no way of raising the dead.

Iron Chef
This iron golem looks like a huge potbelly stove, fire spewing from door-grates in his body. He wields a pair of great cleavers as hands. He has a constant Heat Metal effect, meaning he regenerates constantly and damages anyone touching him (such as a barehanded attack or a touch-range spell) for 4 points fire damage. Combustible oil thrown on him has a 1 in 6 chance of igniting automatically every round. Instead of breathing a poison gas, he breathes a gout of flaming oil 30’ long by 10’ wide, causing 4d8 points of damage (Breath save for half). The oil also affects him, so he’s healed by that amount of damage. The golem causes normal punch damage, plus the heat damage from Heat Metal.

If he’s attacked by a large amount of water in his boiler vents (such as from a Decanter of Endless Water, since you can’t Create Water inside a creature) he has a 1 in 12 chance of exploding outright. The explosion deals 5d6 shrapnel damage, 2d6 heat damage, and 3d6 concussive damage in a 40′ radius. The shrapnel damage is line-of-sight but the blast and heat will fill space like a Fireball. Such water attacks have a -4 to hit due to the small size of the exhaust ports.

Iron Chef (1): IN 0, AL N, AC 3, MV 6, HD 18, HP 99, Damage 4-40+4, SA fire breath, SD fire heals, immune to other spells, SZ L, ML 20, XP 13000.

Bats Coming Through
Bats flutter around in here. It seems fairly innocent until one of them lands on a six-inch cockroach, picks it up, and flies off with it. The cockroach squeals in the darkness until it’s silenced by a sickening crunch followed by munching sounds. The bats are normal size but very brave and tenacious, gaining +3 to hit. But they also tend to avoid prey they can’t kill and eat.

Chilly Mummies
These three mummies have been infested with Brown Mold. Because of this, each mummy radiates cold damage and is immune to fire. Attempts to burn the mummies make the Brown Mold grow at an alarming rate and just increase the radiated cold damage. Note that anyone near a mummy at the beginning of the round takes cold damage, and anyone struck by one takes ¼ this cold damage per hit plus the Mummy Rot and physical wound.

Each mummy wears a Stoneskin Amulet that grants one Stoneskin charge per creature the wearer slays, up to a maximum of 9 at a time. The slain creature must actually die, so summoned creatures, illusions, and Figurines of Wondrous Power don’t count. The creature must also be of a decent size (1 HP): a normal rat or bat is enough but a fly is not. Bacteria obviously don’t count. The mummies all have the full 9 charges each. Fiery attacks on them do not eliminate Stoneskin charges, because the Brown Mold sucks them up before they even touch the mummies.

A corpse covered in more Brown Mold lies in the corner. Its clothes have been destroyed, its bowstring snapped, and most of its gear is too tattered to use. It does have 37 normal arrows with black fletching and 6 magic Arrows +1 with red fletching. The magical arrows all have tiny razors concealed in the notches where they meet the bowstring. Any time one of them is fired, there is a 5 in 6 chance the bowstring is cut through. Only if they’re physically inspected (“Is there anything unusual about the construction of the arrows?”) will there be a 4 in 6 chance to notice the razors. The razors can be removed with a knife or pliers.

The corpse also has a bag of magical gritty blue Concealer Dust, and a stick of magical Black Curtain Chalk.

Mummy (3): IN 6, AL LE, AC 3, MV 6, HD 6+3, HP 35, Damage 1-12, SA mummy rot, fear aura, brown mold cold aura, SD immune to mental and biological effects, magic weapons to hit and half damage from magical ones, immune to cold, immune to heat, SZ M, ML 16, XP 4000.

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