Fresh as a daisy

I recently left the gaming group I’ve played with since I started in 1997. Well, I played here and there before. And the group’s members have changed. But I and two other current participants were there 12 years ago. Aah, the golden haze of nostalgia.

But I left. Things change. But I want to continue gaming. I posted on my local Meetup groups. No real response. I’m considering just running a game.

Problem 1: My apartment is not really set up for 6-7 people unless they sit in each others’ laps.
Problem 2: No players.
Problem 3: I don’t really have any gaming supplies. I own a set of dice.

Answer 1: I’ll arrange space in the local library. They have meeting rooms that are free to use. But you can’t charge attendees and you must be open to the public. That’s cool.

Answer 2: I need to advertise more. I’ll post a campaign proposal on the Meetup groups, pin fliers up at gaming shops in town, hit the WotC forum, and pimp it on the OD&D board.

Answer 3: I wrote a simplified version of D&D with the Little Brown Books as a fortifying inspiration. Had several booklets printed. And found in playtesting that it would shine with some more editing. I might just use D&D B/X or the Rules Compendium, but there’s no way to guarantee my players will be able to find those books. This way I get exactly the system I want and it’s quite cheap and available.

This creates another problem. I need to sanitize the book because it’s currently lousy with Bigby and Mind Flayer. They’re mainly place-holder names and concepts.

My goals then are as follows:
Edit and print a new run of … the game which has yet to be named.
Pick up some cheap dice and figures, and a mega-mat of some kind. Preferably dry-erase.
Develop a single-group West Marches sandbox setting.
Gather players.

Once I get those ducks in a row we’ll see what happens.

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